5 wonderful benefits of basil
Know the benefits of consuming basil.

5 wonderful benefits of basil

We all know that basil is an herb widely used in Peruvian cuisine due to its excellent aroma and flavor. But, what little is known is that this plant, originally from India , has properties that are beneficial for health.

Since ancient times, various cultures have used this herb for the treatment of various diseases or ailments such as colds, fever, kidney diseases, sore throats, among others.

This, due to its active components such as eugenol, estragole, antioxidant and tannins. For this reason, basil is considered, in India, as a sacred plant.

Next, we tell you what are the benefits of this aromatic herb in health.


According to scientific research, basil contains adaptogens that are natural substances that help the body achieve a high physical and mental performance.


The basil is known in Chinese culture for its analgesic power, which after being consumed can relieve headaches and throat.


According to various studies, basil has the ability to expel parasites or worms that are found inside the intestine.


This herb has the ability to combat imperfections in the skin such as acne, due to its antioxidant properties, as well as to purify it and protect it from degenerative damage.


The leaves of the basil have different compounds such as eugenol, linalool and citrnelol, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and when prepared as an infusion has the ability to relieve kidney ailments.

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